On Curacao the Police, VKC and Marechausse had a major operation going on on friday night in Salina. All cars between Wimco and Auto City were surrounded for a massive control for illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons. The contra actions took place at ‘Little Holland’ near Vista Royal, Jan Thiel. This is the local common name for the Dutch resorts at Jan Thiel. The dutch resort owners have their own toerist operations like transportation (airlines and busses), security and food delivery companies.

Calling 911 de police promises to send a patrol car, but after two hours and 3 telephone calls the operating officer suggests that it’s better to call SKS (917) for bulldozing whitout a permit on sunday. APC (former APNA) has no beef with citizens who bought and paid their real estate. The money is in the bank, so who cares about rules and laws. Laws are for idiots on Curacao. Nobody, not even legal institutions care about judges and/or the Justice department.

Red.iNews – Abna Advies NV.


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