The Curacao tourism business is nothing more than a ordinary business hoax. According to the CTB and the Chamber of Commerce millions are being invested in the sector.

Most hotels, resorts and development projects receive tax holidays in order to flow their profits out of the tiny Caribbean Island of Curacao into off-shore company accounts.

On- and Off-Shore money laundering giants (from cocaine, financial holding companies, banks and oil industries) are controlling and dominating the island’s politics. Most recently the most popular political leader on the island of Curacao (Helmin Wiels) was shot in the back multiple times and politically assassinated. His sister now has the highest diplomatic position possible in The Hague, politically backed by the Dutch ABN-Amro bank.

A large part of the hotels operate thanks to fake corrupt international “green awards” to lure their visitors into the bacterial pleasure dome. Cocaine is sold for $7-8 thousand per kilo and drunk driving or running red lights is perfectly accepted. Welcome to the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Italian crime rings that dominate large parts of the Italian and European politics, have their financial bases on the island. In cooperation with Jewish controlled banks they operate and launder billions of dollars.

Illegal building permits are granted to the tourism industry in order to upscale the money laundering crime ring capacities, that are backed up by banks, accountants and the majority of legal law offices (lawyers). In the meanwhile the locals are excluded form the large profits that are generated and made in the business.

Curacao is corrupted @ every level of the society. Arab, Portuguese, Chinese, Latin and Dutch enterprisis conduct their businesses in order to take and share a large part of the economical pie together. Locals are allowed to drive the cash cow tourists around in camouflaged schoolbusus in order to suggest that native citizens are included in the developments.

Mostly Dominican, Haitian and Colombian labor forces are used in the construction industry or participate in prostitution rings, that corrupt the islands company managers in order to control their money flows and life styles.

At the end the locals are excluded from participating in the developments as their education and morality do not fit in with the international financial scheme objectives. Basically, tourists around the world used to search for their own hotels to stay. Nowadays, tricky marketing schemes lure the potential visitors into their rooms, by networking and price setting.

The people who work at the industry are not to blame for the system, they work their buds off, for the owners to get rich or trustworthy businesses to succeed. They pay for their own infrastructures and contribute to the islands economy.

Apart form that, in Curacao the bosses rent out apartments and studios to their employees, in order to get most of their paid salaries back. Money only flows to the rich, central banks set up the rules worldwide to make this happen.

Crickey Amigu di Natura Foundation 2006.


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