DOW / Cooper managed the roundabout project of Janwe very badly. Semi-finished landscaping with death black olive trees planted along the way. All road users are violating traffic rules because the middle roundabout seems to take preference at all time.

A very critical situation, according to experts. Indigo Blue Consultancy and LVV have to deal with the problems. As it will notify the insuranceĀ  and the country Curacao responsible for the damage regarding the accidents that occur at the roundabout Janwe.

A lack of future maintenance will destroy the planted trees and all the peoples (tax) money. LVV was asked to plant the trees, as the budget for the roundabouts on the Caracasbaaiweg disappeared.

Therefore the roundabout planned for Montagne will be cancelled. Offering another developer to the area, the corruption is covered.

iNews – Roundabout Janwe



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