The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has issued a serious warning to Israel, saying the rules of the game for Israel in Syria have changed, warning that Israel is no longer free to use military aircraft in the country under Russia’s watch.

When the civil war began in 2011, covert military opposition forces sabotaged the Syrian anti-aircraft defense systems, giving the Israeli air force freedom to operate as pleased.

Syria’s use of anti-aircraft fire against Israeli war planes, breaching Syrian airspace last week has changed the rules of the game, confirming that Damascus will not stand idle anymore in the face of hostile Israeli air strikes that are deployed to support the ISIS invasion and other terror groups operating in Syria in an attempt to oust Syrian president Assad.

Last Sunday, the commander of the Druze fighters operating in the Golan Heights was killed by an Israeli air strike. Yasser Assayed was a member of the Golan brigade defending villages in the Syrian part of the Golan Heights.

Last week Israeli fighter jets attacked several targets in Syria, triggering the most serious clash between Israel and Syria since the civil war erupted six years ago. In response to the air strikes, Syria’s aerial defense system fired missiles @ the Israeli war jets.

Immediately Israel’s Arrow anti-missile defense system was launched, shooting down one of the missiles fired @ the Israeli jets. The incident forced the Israeli regime to admit for the first time that it had launched an aerial attack in Syria.

The Israeli deception regarding their illegal involvement in the Syrian war is now over. The covert Israeli military missions have now been unmasked by Russian intelligence services to alleviate the international community from media censorships.

AWD / AA Magnum News 2017.


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