A top Emirati security official has said the only way for “Qatar’s crisis” to end is if Doha gave up hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, his comments coming amid the ongoing diplomatic dispute between the energy-rich nation and four Arab countries.

“If the World Cup leaves Qatar, Qatar’s crisis will be over … because the crisis is created to get away from it,” Qatar has been named in funding ISIS lately, something Doha strongly denies.

Qatari officials did not respond to requests for comment on Monday. However, the 2022 tournament’s head in Qatar told The Associated Press on Friday the boycott poses “no risk” to the competition being held.

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia & UAE, all cut diplomatic ties and began a boycott of Qatar on June 5 , in part over allegations that Doha supports extremists. The most remarkable point in the dispute is that the same four nations accusing Qatar, are all involved in the humanitarian massacres against Yemen.

Doha shares a massive offshore natural gas field with Iran that makes its citizens incredibly wealthy. Qatar has long denied restoring full diplomatic ties to Iran amid the dispute

When Qatar’s sole land border with Saudi Arabia was closed and sea traffic cut off by the boycott, World Cup organizers were forced to instigate a “Plan B,” including bringing in supplies from Turkey.

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