In this world upside down rebels now give governments a ultimatum to cease fire so that they can continue to destroy the country. Normaly like in the western countries government forces give demonstaters or if situation is worse rebels an ultimatum to hand over their arms and use political means (elections) to speak their minds. On the 7th of may Syria held elections and Assad was choosen by a majority to stay in power. Assad exactly did what the UN advised them to do. Stop the one party system and hold new elections. As it turned out the rebels were not satisfied by the outcome so they continue to perform crimes against humanity.

The western media does the rest and turns every story around. Look what happened by the ‘Occupy’ movement in the western world. They were brutally kicked, handcuffed and then pepper sprayed by police to break up their motivation and demonstations rights. The killing of children was the last media hoax to decept the truth. Russia is giving Syria support and shipping loads of necessary emergency equipment to treat the wounded population hurt by rebel attacks all over the country. China also backs up the Syria regime and a supposed to democratic UN should respect these opinions and stop neglecting the citiznes rights in Syria.

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