Russia has decided to deploy their most-advanced multi-mission stealth-frigate, the Admiral Grigorovic to the Syrian battlefield.

After the return of the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear powered missile cruiser Peter the Great” to their home base in Severomorsk, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich has taken over the role to cover the Syrian coast and support the military operations on the battlefield in the Middle East.

The mission objective of the Admiral Grigorovich will be to join and carry out tasks, as part of the Russian Navy’s permanent task force, in the Mediterranean Sea. The frigate carries the famous Kalibr cruise missiles to be launched at terrorists positions in Syria. 

The Admiral Grigorovich displaces nearly 4.000 tons and is one of six frigates Moscow will deploy to ramp up its security missions around the globe. The Kremlin will possibly sell another three of these cutting-edge vessels to India.

The Kashtan closed in weapon system (CIWS) mounted on the “Admiral Grigorovic-class frigates”, has been dubbed the world’s most deadliest, according to military analysts. Foxtrot Alpha called the Kashtan system ‘the mother of all CIWS systems.

The frigate was first deployed in November 2016, and will steam to Syria in just a couple of days. The warship departed from Crimea, and is expected to reach the Syria coast by the end of Tuesday.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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