Russia says it has begun to draw down its military forces in Syria, under a cease fire agreement reached between the government and the western supported opposition terror militias.

The U.S. coalition created the crisis in Syria to forcefully oust Assad, and keeps pounding Syrian infrastructure, instead of ISIS positions! Russia accused the U.S. coalition of systematically bombing Syria’s economic infrastructure rather than oil production facilities seized by ISIS and other Takfiri’s terrorists.

Long before the start of the Russian intervention campaign in Syria the Zionist coalition had been systematically destroying Syria’s economic infrastructure to weaken the legitimate government resulting in millions of war refugees.

The U.S. coalition allows the terrorists to make millions of dollars per week selling stolen oil at the black markets to Israel and the USA and use the profits to recruit mercenaries from all over the world. Russia stressed that sooner or later Washington would be held accountable for its war crimes committed in Syria and Iraq.

Moscow started launching its liberation campaign against ISIS in September 2015. Its airstrikes have helped the Syrian military forces advance counter-terrorism operations against foreign backed militants wreaking havoc in the Middle Eastern Arab state since 2011.

The U.S. coalition began supporting their covert troops on the ground inside Syria since 2014, without any authorization from Damascus or a mandate from UN Security Council.

The nation wide halt to fighting in Syria was made possible by Russia, Iran and Turkey, not the outgoing US administration or the CIA. The truce, which does not apply to ISIS or Fateh al-Sham terrorist groups, came into effect on December 30, eight days after the Syrian army announced full control over the flashpoint city of Aleppo.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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