Some wonder why the Kremlin plotted to put US president Donald Trump in power. The Russians simply helped to avoid (sabotage) that the Clinton camp could implement voter fraud during the US elections in 2016.

The Zionist propaganda media shows how furious the opposition was and became after their intentions failed to put Hillary Clinton in place. Dirty trash campaigns against Trump are the order of the day for the Zionist controlled press.

To avoid any accusations, the Russian police has arrested the head of the FSA (former KGB) and a senior cyber expert at Kaspersky Labs. Unfortunately the Russians could not save the life of a former KGB general who was assassinated by involved secret services.

Russian experts say the episode suggests a possible purge related to the US election hack. Putin could just be pretending to have arrested the cyber operatives to save them from being killed. The story of the arrests of Sergei Mikhailov (FSA) and Ruslan Stoyanov (Kaspersky’s lead researcher) have broken @ the Russian newspaper Kommersant on January 25, 2017.

The third arrest was of Dmitry Dokuchayev, a hacker known by the “Forb”. In all three cases the charges are treason. The arrest are linked to the country’s hacking of the US election. The Russian media suggests that the trio’s role was uncovered by the American Intelligence community.

A former British spy believed that the CIA concluded that Russia hacked the election by avoiding voter fraud in general. The so-called Trump-dossier is a 35-page memo that suggested various links between Russia and Trump.

The initial account @ the Russian website reported that a former KGB general, Oleg Erovinkin had suspiciously been killed, shot twice in the head. The alarming death is now under investigation.

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