While the Western media is focusing on North Korea and the Middle East, the UN Security Council agreed to hold an emergency meeting in Sochi in a bid to avert World War III.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is rushing to Sochi in order to meet Vladimir Putin and avoid a possible confrontation between NATO and Russia in the Balkans. 

About 150.000 Russian soldiers have been alerted to expect an imminent deployment to the Republic of Serbia, ordered to protect the Orthodox Christian nation at all cost against NATO terrorism.

The EU admitted that the other Balkan nations of Kosovo and Bosnia have committed undemocratic practices, showing that political violence, election fraud and open corruption are routine.

Albania has threatened with war if Kosovo is denied entry into the EU, to which Serbia warned, that if Albania’s bid to annex Kosovo is approved, they will go to war too. The total number of Albanians in the Balkans amount to more than 8 million people, including 3 million in Albania itself. 

 About 1.5 million Albanians live in Kosovo and Serbia, while over half a million live in Macedonia. The UN report explains this must lead to the creation of a Greater Albania Islamic State, funded by the known German Nazi-sympathizer, George Soros and various other secret elements within the US Government.

By appointing their puppets, imposing the so-called Tirana platform and other elements of the Greater Albania project, the US, NATO and the EU are irresponsibly opening up Pandora’s box. 

These Western forces are responsible for violence which effects their own allies and opponents, while Macedonia’s population, sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Macedonian state are being held hostage to these provocative geopolitical projects.

This past week France refused to send one of the most feared war criminals in the world, Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia for prosecution, setting him free instead. Killing the Serbs during the 1990’s was not enough for him, he wants to continue all that, and Paris agreed for this to happen by releasing him from custody.

All armed Russian service branches have confirmed their readiness to effectively perform their tasks, within the established time limits to defend facilities against existing and future threats aimed @ the Serbian Orthodox Christians.

AWD News.com / AA Magnum News 2017.


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