The Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow may finally expel some 30 American diplomats in retaliation for a similar measure adopted by the previous US Administration.

If the USA does not want to correct the political sanctions enforced by the Obama administration, Russia could retaliate in the upcoming future. Last year, Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and illegally-seized their diplomatic compounds in a move that was disrespectful according to given diplomatic standards.

At that time Russian refrained from a direct response to the measure as it came in the final months of Obama’s political term. The issue was recently raised in Hamburg during a meeting between the two head of states, but Trump presented no plan to resolve the crisis.

The expulsion and seizure of Russian property in the USA came after Hillary Clinton lost the elections to Donald Trump in 2016. The Democrats, backed by Zionist lobby, blamed the Kremlin for hacking the voting system, and forced the sanctions on Moscow, without presenting any prove in the case.

The Americans thrive on false accusations against their political opponents in order to gain a desperate political advantage. The same tactics were effected in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 017, that was shot down,  when flying over Ukraine, killing all the passengers on board. The Dutch investigators recently postponed their final conclusion on the issue, ignoring Russian evidence presented by Moscow.

For now Trump has explicitly endorsed the idea that Russian hackers may have played a role in last year’s presidential election, which has been categorically denied by Russia. According to insiders, the Kremlin made sure that the Clinton gangsters could not rig the elections to secure victory. Now this is something that can not be presented as evidence in the matter, because it will confirm Democratic corruption at the highest level.

However, high-leveled Russian cyber security officers have been assassinated by the CIA leading to the diplomatic repercussion over the incident. A high-ranking Russian general and a top Kaspersky security specialist have been missing in action. Some blame the Israeli based Mossad for the actions, as the Jewish community also represents the Democratic Party in the USA.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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