Russia’s use of its veto-right @ the UN Security Council preserved Syria’s integrity several times. From the beginning of the so-called civilian war the main goal of the terror was imposed to disintegrate Syria.

Syria will never agree to either disintegration of the sovereign country or the creation of local councils for the same purpose. Israel wants to grab more Syrian land of the Golan Heights, while Turkey plans to stash Kurdish people in Syria for them to create their own state in the Middle East.

The information war against Syria has been won by the Western countries, using their propaganda news agencies to publish fake news. Therefor the sabotage against Assad will continue on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the Western media has not only been able to mislead their own citizens, but the entire world community.

Russia’s use of its veto right in the UN did not allow the authors of the “breakdown project” to divide the Syrian state and use the UNSC as a tribune for interfering into the affairs of a sovereign state. Strategic relations between Moscow and Damascus helped overturn all the projects aimed @ destroying the Middle East.

Damascus has never used and will never use chemical weapons as there are non of them in Syrian territory. ISIS has stockpiled chemical weapons stolen from Libya, to use them in Syria and Iraq.

Russia’s participation in the counter-terrorism operation in Syria has confirmed that there are capabilities to destroy terrorism. However it is necessary to pull efforts of all countries involved to do that. This has not materialized yet.

The participation of the Russian Aerospace Forces helped the Syrian army to regain the initiative and liberate strategically important territory from ISIS and other Western supported and armed terrorists brigades operating in Syria.

Russia calls on all the Western countries that have their military in Syria to focus on the fight against terrorists. Special Ops units from Western countries in Syria, especially Turkey’s armed forces & US-led coalition forces need to practice what they preach.

TASS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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