According to the latest reports 14 people were killed and 50 wounded by an explosion inside a metro train near the Sennaya Square station in St. Petersburg.

Early reports show that the blast happened in a train between two stations of the city’s major transportation hubs. Amid the chaos and destruction rescue responders were helping dozens of wounded passengers, between Sennaya Square and the Technological Institute stations.

Outside the Sennaya station, emergency services helped victims reach ambulances so they could be rushed away for medical care. At the moment of the attack, president Vladimir Putin was in St. Petersburg to meet with the president of Belarus.

A terrorist attack is defined as the threatened or actual use of illegal force and violence by a non-state actor to attain a political, economic, religious or social goal through fear or intimidation. 

Since 2010 terror attacks in Russia, went down from 251 per year to 21 attacks in 2015. But the liberation campaign in Ukraine and Syria resulted in more attacks against the government and its people living in Russia.

Russian authorities have 8 possible terror suspects on their radar, following the bomb explosion in St. Petersburg metro. Russian security forces are also looking for central Asian nationals for alledgedly recruiting terrorists for the Takfiri terrorists groups of ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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