So far Western regimes haven’t been able to tear Belarus away from its special relationship with Russia, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying. Moscow is monitoring the situation and taking steps to prevent Belarus from being ripped out of its orbit.

After the failed Western attempt to completely annex Ukraine, the Western invasion is now focussed on Belarus. All the actions by the West on both Ukrainian and Belarusian flanks have an anti-Russian character.

At the moment we can see a variety of imperialist delegations frequently visiting Belarus, but for now the West doesn’t have the strength to tear Belarus away from Russia. At the same moment Minsk is not prepared to rush into the West’s arms, breaking all their economic ties with Moscow.

Belarus, which has traditionally been seen as a haven for social stability in the post-Soviet era, has been rocked by a series of Western-supported violent protests, resulting in the arrests of 700 anti-social parasites.

The protests followed recent media revelations that the US and European governments, along with private NGO’s, have pumped millions of dollars into Belarus for “democracy promotion” initiatives.

Last month, Minsk called out Washington and Berlin to stop promoting ‘efforts’ to destroy the country, saying they do not conform to democratic values, such as freedom of assembly and the freedom of speech. 

Recently concerns have grown in Minsk about the danger of the instability in Ukraine spilling into Belarus, following an incident in March, when an SUV filled with weapons and explosives attempted to break through the border from the Ukrainian side.

In the event leading up to the Maidan coupe d’etat in Kiev in February 2014, armed radical provocateurs played an active role in destabilizing the social situation. Belarus has beefed up security on the border with Ukraine.

In the meanwhile the USA demands immediate release of detained Belarusian activists it helped to fund. However, Moscow and Minsk will continue mutual integration based upon equality, and are not intimidated by ‘western political harassment’.

Sputnik / AA-Magnum-News 2017.


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