The Russians started scaling down their military presence in Syria, after its aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea was meant to keep off Israel and NATO from Syria.

Moscow reported that the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier and accompanying ships are about to leave in the first step of the drawdown. The eyes of Israel and NATO (headquarters) were located in Aleppo, making it so difficult to win the battle of the ancient town.

When Aleppo fell, the Western headquarters seized to exist in northern Syria. Without a Western army command post im place, the terrorists are left no choice rather than to surrender or be neutralized. In fact Iran can finish the job if Russia allows it.

But Russia knows what it is doing. Some opposition is good for any country, so you do not kill all the opposition, in order to give them a chance to come to the negotiation table. This is how the world works, and we can learn it from the Russians.

Israel already lost one submarine off the coast of Syria, something they never admit in public. The country has a long history of hiding its defeats. For now the largest assault on Syria have been bogged down, but the heaviest battle’s are still to be fought, such as the one against the CIA and Mossad in Raqqa (ISIS headquarters).

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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