American inferior fighter pilots are crying about the Russians flying in Syrian airspace. U.S. pilots report numerous close calls with Russian jets over Syria. The match-up between sticks and stones or superior technology.

The U.S. warmonger coalition claims that Russian warplanes are still flying over Syria despite the recent cease fire in Moscow’s campaign against the anti-Assad forces on the ground and in the air, according to the U.S. Air Force.

But if we look at the facts, Russia has permission to fly in Syrian airspace and the NATO-allies do not! Therefore the U.S. airstrikes in Syria must be categorized as committing war crimes against humanity. Not even the UN has given the American ‘criminal terrorists’ permission to strike targets in Syria.

But, unfortunately, that’s how the Zionist warmonger’s work. The Americans themselves call the hostile aggression against the Syrian civilization a “diplomatic peace mission”. 

The skies above Syria are an international incident waiting to happen. NATO has already proved that they are willing and capable of striking civilian target on the ground to support ISIS in their genocide against the Syrian population. NATO-ally, Turkey even shot down a Russian jet flying in Syrian airspace.

 The Americans are eager to shoot another Russian plane out of the air, but are apparently too afraid to do so.

So, for now they only thing left for the Americans to do is complain about the Russian intervention that blocked their goals to oust Assad and annex al of Syria. For now the Zionists have the ISIS terror brigades on the ground, occupying most of the intended territories along the fresh water resources and oil fields.

It is an unprecedented situation in which for months U.S. and Russian war jets crowded the same airspace fighting opposite proxy wars. For now the Russians and Americans have a year-old safety agreement, but the Americans still find themselves annoyed.

Fox / AA Magnum News 2017.


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