Ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet will make several long-distance voyages this year, including a trip to the North Sea, the Mediterranean and Antarctica.

The official spokesman for the fleet, Roman Martov, pointed out a constant expansion of the fleet’s voyages, saying that the ships of the Baltic Fleet already performed succesful assignments in the Caribbean, North-, Black- and Mediterranean Seas, as well as in the Atlantic- and Indian Oceans in 2016.

In Europe the Russian Navy visited Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Spain, while in the Caribbean the ships docked @ the ports of Cuba, Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago.

All the units of the Baltic Fleet are in state of permanent combat readiness today and are capable of performing assignments within the shortest possible time. Czar Peter I, was the founder of the Russian Navy, signed a decree on February 2, 1701, giving inception to the Baltic Fleet.

Today’s Baltic Fleet compromises a highly ramified structure. It has the surface fleet, the submarine service, aviation, coastal defense troops, an air defense force and logistics and assistance units.

TASS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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