At the moment the US military and ISIS are loosing their invasive strongholds in Syria, western-backed terrorists have decided to attack the Russian Embassy in Damascus again.

At least 4 mortar shells were fired at the diplomatic compound in Damascus, in an attempt derail the Russian peace mission in Syria. Once again Russia has drawn attention on multiple occasions to the ‘barbaric nature’ of the US-led coalition, carrying out military attacks on residential quarters in Damascus.

Every day, civilians, women and children become the victims of these type of attacks. This is the second time in less than a month that terrorists fire shells at the embassy. Last week the UN Security Council failed to adopt a media statement condemning prior terrorists attacks on the Russian diplomatic compounds. The text was voted down by several UN members on the grounds there was not enough evidence backing the claim.

Despite that the UN views the anti-terrorism struggle as their priority, they repeatedly try to protect those who they probably think maybe useful in their hostile geopolitical plans to destroy Syria. Hypocrisy is their diplomacy.

The USA and Israel frequently aired their discontent of how Russia behaves towards Syria. However, Russian military police has now deployed several checkpoints near the border with Israel to avoid clashes between the Syrian Arab Army and the terrorists gangs. Also the ISIS supply lines have been compromised by the Syrian Arab Army near the border with Jordan and Iraq.

The US-led coalition continues to spread sabotage and commit war crimes against the Syrian government and its people, killing over 500.000 victims during the military assignments to rip Syria apart and divide it into different zones, where the Druze, Kurds and Alawite’s can live and hang out, while Israel claims the rest, like the oil reserves and fresh water sources, flowing from the Jordan & Euphrates Rivers.

Reuters / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2017.


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