The French stealth frigate La Fayette, which is equipped with stealth technology, has been tracked by the radar stations of the Russian Black Sea Fleet entering the Black Sea.

Russian radars are capable of detecting ships of this class hundreds of kilometers away. “The over-hyped stealth technology [of the French frigate] has been disrupted by the Russian radio-electronic industry. The Black Sea’s electronic warfare units detected the La Fayette frigate as it passed through the Bosporus, adding that the warship is still under surveillance.

“The sides of the vessel are sloped at 10° to minimize radar cross section, surfaces have been coated in radar-absorbent paint and the profiles of external features have been reduced,” 

While it remains in the Black Sea, the La Fayette will be unable to hide from Russian electronic reconnaissance units, which “will see the vessel to the landing berth accuracy.”

The frigate is currently on its way to the eastern part of the Black Sea, presumably to the shores of Georgia. The La Fayette, which is armed with a number of surface-to-air missiles, also “incorporates a number of stealth features”.

Sputnik / AA Magnum Analyst News 2017.


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