U.S. officials told the press on Wednesday that the Russian spy ship, Victor Leonov, which was first spotted of the coast of Delaware has returned to the waters of the East Coast of the USA, after refueling in Havana last week.

The Russian vessel was spotted approximately 23 miles southeast of U.S. Navy Submarine Base in Kings Bay, Georgia. The U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet of ballistic missile submarines are based in Kings Bay.

The spy ship was sailing and remained in international waters, which extend 12 Nautical Miles from shore. Spying on the submarine base could indicate that Moscow wants to know where the U.S submarines are. The ones that are moored above the water at the base are not navigating for NATO in Europe.

The Victor Leonov departed from Russia’s northern fleet based in the Barents Sea near Norway in early January.

Fox News 2017.


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