Modern British warships are so noisy that Russian submarines can hear them from a distance up to 100 miles away.

Poor equipment and botched procurement deals could hinder Britain’s ability to defend itself in the face of a serious military attack, according to a recent investigation by credible sources.

Among the flaws found in the nations defenses were these modern British warships that reportedly make some much noise Russian submarines can hear them before they can even react to a possible enemy invasion.

Britain’s Type-45 destroyers are ‘as noisy as hell’ according to a former director of operational capability for the Ministry of Defense, Rear Admiral Chris Parry told “The Sunday Times”. Sailors used to put little wooden wedges between the hatch-clips and the hatches in their destroyers to stop them rattling so they could keep the noise down.

Also the $1 billion warships have tended to break down in warm seas. When they were first commissioned into the “British Fleet” in 2009, they were hailed as the most revolutionary battleships in the world. A key factor in the procurement was that they would not need a refit for at least 25 years.

Because the Type-45 was an air defense battleship “stealth” was not a premium requirement. Each of the ships now need to be fitted with new diesel generators, cutting holes in the sides of the ships @ an estimated cost of $1 billion, which will take 9 years to complete.

The Independent / AA Magnum News 2017.


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