Russia gave the world a first extended glimpse at its new improved air defense systems, designed to operate off-road in Arctic sub-zero conditions. The most eye-catching new military additions were the Tor-M2DT and Pantsir-SA air defense systems.

The Tor-M2DT is an update from the existing Tor-2 missile launcher station and has an aerial range of 15 km, while the Arctic Pantsir air defense system boasts a range of 20 km.

Russia is one of five nations with a territorial claim in the world’s most northern waters, four of which are members of the NATO military alliance. Last month Moscow unveiled its newest Arctic military base, which design will be recreated in four other planned bases across other north Russian sites.

The 5 Nordic military bases are intended to fill “blind spots” of Russian radar coverage in its remote and difficult northern territories, increasing monitoring capability by sea and air.

During this year’s Victory Day Parade almost all pilots flying over the Red Square participated in the Syrian operation. Russia marks the surrender of Nazi Germany in WW II every year on May 9 with a military commemoration parade for the fallen heroes and the surviving comrades.

Newsweek / AA Magnum News 2017.


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