A third person in Britain was diagnosed with a new SARS like virus. Becoming the second confirmed case this week, the deadly infection is spread from person to person health officials said on Wednesday.

The latest case looks 2B from the same family as the other patient, brings the world-wide number of confirmed infections with the new virus to eleven. Of those five have died. The virus belongs to the same family as SARS ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Symptoms common to both viruses include severe respiratory illness, fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. In 2002 the disease killed 10% of the infected victims. The British patient had recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Another patient was from Qatar and was treated in Germany and has been discharged from medical care. Conspiracy theorists conclude that this is part effect of a wider biological warfare program. Click on image 2 C how the virus works.

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