Saudi Arabia’s navy frigates bombarded Yemeni coastal cities, using banned white phosphorous munitions to kill civilians in order to revenge army losses in the fight against the Yemen government forces.

Using banned chemical weapons was made possible by U.S. and British NATO allies, that are directly responsible for killing women, children and elderly people by delivering these horrible weapons, to take part in the slaughter and genocide occurring in the entire Middle East.

Meanwhile, according to an AFP report, Saudi warplanes and Apache attack helicopters also launched attacks against villages around the Bab al-Mandab strait during the past 24 hours. The Red Sea passage in one of the two Saudi oil tanker shipping lanes used to transport oil to Europe and Asia.

The progress made by Yemeni army soldiers launched heavy missile and artillery attacks against multiple Saudi border military bases, destroying or damaging armored vehicles and other military equipment. The surviving Saudi troops fled away from their bases, leaving behind burning arsenals.

Puppet regimes from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and ISIS are stirring up the tensions for Israel in the region, for NATO to target the Syrian and Iraqi governments, in order to annex and take away their fresh water resources and oil reserves.

Iran, Egypt and Russia, are now joined by Turkey to stop these Western supported wars and the holocaust they create. Millions of people have suffered and died over the last five years, while tens of millions more are deported to prison camps, refered to as refugee camps by the Zionist propaganda media.

The UN and Amnesty International stay low key and sometimes a vague report about what is happening on the ground in the Middle East battlefield of WW III.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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