The main weakness of the Saudi-led coalition has proven to be its southern border with Yemen. In the past months the Yemeni army, backed by the Ansarullah movement have used several tactics to attack and cut off the Saudi supply lines at the southern front.

A political analyst explained that Saudi Arabia’s southern defense lines have completely collapsed, two years after Riyadh was ordered to launch the deadly war against its impoverished neighbor.

The main goal of the hostile military mission was to secure and control the strategic Red Sea oil route to the importers of the black gold around the world. With the Persian Gulf supply line (Strait of Hormuz) partially compromised by Iran, the Saudi’s had to cover the alternative oil shipping lane in order to secure its oil income.

However the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the British, French and American naval forces underestimated to operation, despite of killing over 10.000 Yemeni people during the mission, which destroyed the Yemeni infrastructure.

In a desperate alternative attempt for victory, the coalition used biological weapons to poison the Yemeni population. So far over 270.000 Yemeni’s contracted Cholera, of which 41% are children according to WHO.

The ethnic cleansing program was aimed at Shi’ite Muslim living in the poorest Arab country in the Middle East. The Western military forces were pulled out of war zone to disguise their involvement regarding the war crimes committed against humanity. Recently, Trump sold the Saudi’s additional weapons for them to clean up the mess left behind.

Press TV / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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