Serbia has no wish to join NATO, and welcomes military drills with Russia if it receives an invitation to do so. Serbia now developed a missile capable of knocking out all major cities in the region.

This means that the Serbian military-industrial complex is back on its feet after NATO bombed Yugoslavia into pieces in 1999. Serbia now offers a wide range of combat gear to potential buyers, ranging from handguns and combat outfits to armored vehicles, artillery pieces and UAV’s.

Designed and built-in Serbia,the Sumadija is a surface-to-air missile capable of hitting targets up to 300 km’s away. The technology grabbed much attention during the Abu Dhabi show.

The missile has a minimum range of 70 km, and can operate @ air temperatures from 30 degrees Celsius below zero up to 50 degrees above zero. The “Sumadija” carries a fragmentation or thermobaric warhead, which takes 12 minutes to launch.

Hopefully no such conflict will ever happen (again), but if it does and someone is crazy enough to make its airspace available to any third country willing to attack, like Bulgaria did in 1999, Serbia now has a missile to reach all strategic cities in the region.

Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina belong to Serbia and the people want it back. According to reliable sources, the new world order (NWO) is already showing weakness in its structural design ,and it’s just a matter of time before the people of Serbia will get their land back.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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