The Sun is currently going trough an active phase of it’s 11 year weather cycle. The current cycle is known as Solar Cycle 24 and is expected to reach its peak level of activity in 2013 according to NASA officials. The largest flare X6.9 of cycle 24 was on august 8th 2011. In 1972 a solar flare knocked out the long distance phone communication across the continental USA.

Also in 1989 a powerfull solar flare set off a major black out in Canada that left 6 million without electricity for nine hours. After every 12th solar cycle a super power flare will be send to earth. Onehundredthirtytwo years ago we had no electricity so we cannot imagine what the consequenses clould be if earth would be hit by a to powerfull solar radiation storm.

Edison created the first US power station in San Francisco in 1879. Earlier electricity was used for the telegraph invented by Samuel Morse. According to scientists it is possible that it will knock out the whole earthly powergrid. Imagine if all air traffic, shipping or GPS would get compromised. No communication means no computer connections or radio/tv. If tranformer (electrical sub)stations are to be hit than this could take 10 years to rebuilt the whole grid.

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Op 8 en 9 maart worden de sterkste solar stralen verwacht de aarde te bereiken. De Zon gaat iedere keer door een 11 jarige cyclus. Nu zitten we in cycli 24 en wordt er denken deskundigen van NASA dat het hoogtepunt in 2013 zal zijn. Omdat de electriciteit in 1879 door Edison pas echt in gebruik werd genomen (Coney Island -NY) bestaat er geen lange ervaring met de effecten van solar radio activiteit.

Om de 100-150 jaar komt er een X20+ Zonnestorm naar de aarde toe. Als de spoelen van de huidige tranformator huizen het begeven dan kan het tien jaar duren voordat in de VS het hele electra netwerk weer op gang kan worden gebracht.

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