Anti-EU forces are growing in Stockholm, showing Sweden is ready to follow Britain’s example and quit the EU by the end of this decade.

Widespread action predicts there will be a Brexit-style referendum on the Scandinavian country’s place in the ‘bloc’ within a few years.

Peter Lundgren, from the right-wing Sweden Democrats plans to renegotiate Sweden’s membership terms before putting them to a public vote if it wins power in the next year’s general election.

He has revealed that many votes in the Scandinavian country, which has resisted calls to join the euroare alarmed by the direction the EU is heading in and now want to quit.

An opinion poll carried out in January 2017, showed that 39% of Swedes are currently in favor of leaving the monetary bloc, which is about the same number of Britons who backed Brexitbefore Jewish PM, David Cameron called out the referendum that shook the UK of its feet.

Apart from the Swedish sentiment, many other European countries are opting to exit the failing economic bloc. France, Corsica, Czech Republic and Hungary have turned into severe eurosceptic countries, while the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark and Austria also seem to appear anxious to leave the EU.

The main reason for EU-exits are proven to be the deteriorating troubles with the ongoing extending immigration crisis and losing the freedom for the elected people to govern their own political and economic affairs.

The European politicians are appointed by the business community and not by the people. Instead of democracy the EU turned into an extreme dictatorship. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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