A stolen beer truck has been used to attack citizens visiting a shopping mall in downtown Stockholm which killed 4 people and injured a dozen more shoppers in Drottniggatan street.

The driver of the Swedish brewery company, Spendrups was unloading the merchandise to a restaurant, when someone got into the truck and plowed into a crowd of people in downtown Stockholm.

According to a Reuters press report the Swedish PM, Stephan Lofven said the police were treating the incident as terrorism. Nine of the injured people are believed to be in severe life threatening condition.

One person has been detained in connection with incident. At 15.00 hrs local time the beer truck smashed into the Ahlens Department Store on Stockholm’s busiest Drottninggatan street. Live television coverage showed smoke coming out of the department store, while several people were rushed away in ambulances.

After the truck attack part of central Stockholm was cordoned off. The city’s subway system was shut down and the main railway station was evacuated to block any escape attempts.

TASS / AA Magnum News 2017.


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