Carla del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney general, has announced she is quitting the United Nations commission, blaming any political will to solve the holocaust crisis in Syria.  

She confirmed that she has no power as long as the UN Security Council does not take any action. Del Ponte told the Swiss newspaper, Blick there is no justice for Syria. According to del Ponte, all sides of the Syrian conflict are fighting on the evil side.

The hostile opposition in Syria consists of extremists and terrorists, using chemical weapons, depleted uranium and phosphorous bombs to kill Syrian civilians in the organized genocide. She holds president Assad responsible for the casualties in the war, because the war is fought within his jurisdiction.

However, the UN Human Rights Council has a mandate and seeks to investigate and record all violations of international law. The Syrian authorities has never used chemical weapons, because the entire nations arsenal had been destroyed under supervision of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPWC).

BBC / AA-Magnum-Blog-News 2017.


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