The war in Syria was never about the country’s people protesting against president Assad. The Western mainstream media created a hoax, for bordering countries, such as Israel and Turkey to profit from.

From the start Syria was the battlefield for multiple stakeholders committing crimes against humanity and blame it on Assad, who was running a country loaded with contradictions, defended Christian societies and gave the Kurdish people, living in the far east of the country, their own autonomy and authority to rule its society.

However the world’s leading Zionist organizations had their own agenda. When the UN did not manage to get a ‘No Fly Zone” resolution to control the Syrian airspace, ISIS was established to annex and occupy large swathes of and kill half a million people. ISIS was also ordered to destroy the complete infrastructure, oil fields and refineries and occupy the fresh water river flows of the Euphrates and the Tigris.

Russia and China vetoed against the draft resolution to close the Syrian airspace for NATO warjets to pulverize the country, just like they did earlier when they totally destroyed Libya for its oil reserves and send the African country back to the stone age, as special covert forces killed its glorious leader, Colonel Ghadaffi.

Turkey is the only country in the Middle East that does not want to give the Kurds their own autonomy, where Iraq  and Iran, just like Syria gave them their own authority. The Turkish army has forced Kurds living in the country to leave their villages and pushed ten thousands of them into Syria and Iraq to avoid a battle in Turkey.

Now the Turkish army is fighting the Kurds living in northern Syria and Iraq to establish their own state/country to flush the Kurds out of Turkey. However the Americans are helping the Kurds survive the onslaught, but got their own hands full with their own agenda helping Israel to annex most of southern Syria all the way up to Raqqa.

Israel had previously annexed the Syrian Golan Heights, which is now defended by so-called UN peacekeeping troops partially under Dutch command. This move made sure Syria lost its connection with the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee in order to sabotage the Syrian agricultural sector to starve the population to death and take over their villages and infrastructure.

So with Israel in the mix, and Turkey committing genocide against the Kurdish people, Syria has become the battlefield for multiple stakeholders, excluding Assad and his government in Damascus to defend the country. ISIS was ordered to destroy Syria’s six most important UNESCO heritage sites and plunder the country’s oil reserves for the petrol to be sold on the black market controlled by the Zionists.

The Israeli-based organ industry is booming with all those victims being captured, tortured and cut to pieces to sell them organs to the rich people in the world to survive another day. The most famous person to have had multiple organ transplants to stay alive is the Zionist puppet, and billionaire George Soros.

With Russia intervening, to stop the crime’s being committed against humanity, the rules of the game changed. Both Turkey and Israel want Russia out, but do not have the military capacity to force Russia out of Syria. For now Israel has made deals with Russia in order not to be isolated and picked out as an example to blow Israel’s cover creating the holocaust.

In Syria the presence of Russian troops will probably prevent Turkey from venturing any farther south than al-Bab in northern Aleppo, while Turkey will push for a greater role in the major operation aimed at liberating Raqqa, the headquarters of ISIS. Russia has about 5.000 Chenchen battle hardened and extreme dangerous Muslim fighters ready to engage the Israeli stronghold in northern Syria.

As usual it’s all about supporting Jews and Judaism (Old Testament), creating all the trouble in the world, ignoring the New Testament, which provides the fact that the World is for God’s chosen people and not only the Jews, as described in the Old Testament.

Iran and Hezbollah are the only powerful entities in the Middle East that are capable to counter the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from destroying the entire Babylonian civilization living along the Euphrates and the Tigris.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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