The Syrian Air force is carrying out airstrikes against U.S. supported rebel and ISIS positions in eastern Syria, as the USA continues to deliver weapons and ammunition to the terrorist forces that are meant to totally destroy Syria and Iraq. At the same time U.S. warplanes bomb Syrian properties such as food depots, schools, hospitals, military bases, infrastructures, oil fields and refineries to rumble.

The USA strikes Syrian military positions without an UN Mandate and commits severe genocide in the Middle East to keep control over Syrian and Iraqi oilfields in the region. Supplying terror forces and bombing a sovereign country without a UN resolution is a crime.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria was ignited by western politicians and military forces, whom created a huge flow of refugees, which are later raped and abused in Red Cross Refugee Camps over the border in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. ISIS casualties are treated in Israeli hospitals.

Over 400.000 people have been killed in the Holocaust, while 14 million citizens were forced to leave their homes and villages. The United Nations stands by and monitors the situation on the ground.

Reuters / AA News 2014.


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