The Syrian Arab Army and allied freedom fighters have managed to retake full control over the eastern city of Dayr al-Zawr in their latest push against Takfiri ISIS terrorists.

A large of numbers of terrorists, including their commanders, were killed during the offensive. Army troops have also seized ISIS arms depots in the city. The weapons and ammo were made and came from Israel and the USA!

Syrian government forces had recaptured al-Hamidiya, Sheikh Yassin, al-Ardhi and al-Rashidia districts, and had only al-Hawiqa district left to liberate from ISIS. Damascus began the liberation operation two months ago with the support of Russian air force, and broke Daesh’s three-year-long siege of the city in September 2017.

Dayr al-Zawr is the capital of an oil-rich Syrian province of the same name, which borders Iraq. Syrian army forces had in recent days stepped up their gains in the city, going neighborhood to neighborhood after the remaining terrorists.

The fall of ISIS in Dayr al-Zawr is yet another key defeat for the hostile Takfiri, which has over the past months lost most of the territory it seized in a lightning “Blitz Krieg” style 2014 advance across SyriaSyria and neighboring Iraq.

  • Nusra Front bombing :  

As the news of the simultaneous assaults in eastern and in western Iraq emerged, a Nusra Front car bomb killed at least nine people and injured 23 in a government-held village in Syria’s  southwestern Quneitra area.

According to Syrian state media, rockets and gunfire followed the bomb in Hadher, close to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, with the number of casualties expected to rise. “The onslaught took place after the Israeli army opened a new path for the terrorists under its backing to attack Hadher.

Israel regularly hits positions held by the Syrian army in the Golan Heights, describing the attacks as retaliatory after rockets fired mysteriously land in the occupied territories. Syria says the raids aim to help Takfiri militants fighting against government forces.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in June expressed concerns about a spike in contacts between Israeli armed forces and Syria militants, saying it could lead to escalation and cause harm to UN observers deployed to the Golan Heights.

Now, The Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah fighters MUST recapture Raqqah from the U.S backed Kurdish PKK terrorists who committed treason against their country and people and wipe them out. And if Syria wants to repel Israel the answers obvious, do what the Romans did to Carthage and liberate and seize the Golan Heights back from Israel.

This land now supplies important water sources to Israel, like the Jordan River & Sea of Galilee. Without it Israel will wither and die.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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