The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have reached the outskirts of strategic gas fields in east Palmyra.

The SAA are continuing their field operations in the eastern country side of Palmyra targeting the vast desert area which has been under control by ISIS since April 2015.

Following a series of intense clashes, inflicting heavy damage on ISIS defenses, the Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate a number of points en route to reaching the outskirts of the strategic Arak Gas Fields.

Led by the 5th Legion and 18th Tank Division, the Syrian Army attacked the terrorist group positions. Without the support of the US-led coalition air strikes the evil boots on the ground stand little chance against the upcoming operation to liberate Syrian sovereign properties.

The opposition and terrorist forces in Syria have caused the death of over 400.000 people and displaced or deported over 12 million, which were extendedly forced to leave their towns and villages to be replaced by foreign invaders.

The conflict in Syria was never about a revolution or a civil war. The terrorists were sent by the so-called US coalition to annex Syria’s oil and gas fields and sabotage an intended construction of an oil pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea.

Every massacre is committed by the hostile Western coalition. Syria had free schooling and education available for everyone. Also free health care, no GMO foods, no fluoride, no chemtrails and no Rothschild-IMF controlled central bank. The same status Libya had before the NATO invasion and connected UN bombings.

The Syrian state-owned central bank, which gives 11% interest rates, is self-sufficient and has no foreign debt to any country or bank. Now the damage done by the Western supported terrorists is estimated @ 500 billion by Chinese consultants.

Life in Syria before the crisis was beautiful, now American soldiers and barbarian Al Qaeda forces are brutally killing Christians and Muslims living in Syria, blaming Assad for the carnage. War crimes are being committed on a vast scale, censored by the corrupted Western media.

The genocidal agenda is part of a Zionist plan to create the Greater Babylonian Israel between the Euphrates and Nile river flows running through Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

Global Research California / AA Magnum News 2017.


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