An American geoscientist and an international radiation expert, Leuren Moret said the entire Syrian landscape is plagued with radioactive contamination, because the USA depleted uranium weaponry and provided it to the terrorists fighting the Syrian government.

Doctor Moret made the remarks days after the Pentagon admitted that it has used depleted uranium ammunition in Syria. The controversial weaponry causes serious health problems among the Syrian population.

The US military fired thousands of rounds, containing ‘mutagenic depleted uranium’ during (air)strikes on Syrian battlefield positions in late 2015, just after the Russian were asked to intervene and turn around the Syrian holocaust.

Actually the US started to use depleted uranium from the very beginning, after President Putin announced Russia would be assisting the Syrian government in removing the Zionist supported terrorist entities from Syria.

The U.S. coalition used it all over Syria, were battles have been fought. The whole country has been contaminated during the assaults on the (urban) battlefields. Almost all of Aleppo and villages formerly occupied by ISIS, have to be cleaned up before they can rebuild the cities, including parts of Damascus.

The USA first used depleted uranium (DU) in Iraq in 1990. The DU was also used during the course of the US military invasion of the Gulf War II in 2003. The generic damage to the people in Iraq has been extremely extensive.

The US and all of its allies are using depleted uranium weapons collectively in Iraq and now also in Syria. The Americans used it and given it to all the terrorists fighting for them in the Middle East.

It’s agenda is part of the Zionist “human engineering’ program. In Iraq the ratio of baby boys has almost halved in comparison with female babies since 2003 .

The USA is perpetrating genocide by using Depleted Uranium aerosol agent. Iraq now has a major cancer-crisis among it people, but also the US soldiers which used the weapons in Iraq are getting sick in big number.

PressTV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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