The Syrian leader, Assad could not identify his nation with the American proposal to establish and create a so-called “safe zone” in northern Syria.

If the Americans want to help neutralize ISIS, the could first lift the economic sanctions, aimed to destroy his government, that represents the people of Syria.

If the Americans are not willing to cooperate with Russia for liberating Syria from Zionist supported terrorist brigades, they can not expect Damascus to agree upon creating a safe zone for the Americans to operate and live up to their own (secret Zionist) agenda.

In een interview Assad acknowledged regularly consulting with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin on how to defeat the terrorists that created chaos and suffering in his country. The humanitarian holocaust has already killed about 500.000 people and displaced or deported another 11 million Syrian civilians.

The American idea to create a safe zone for the U.S. military to operate from is a deception and does not protect the Syria people. The terrorist invasion has destroyed large parts of the Syrian economic infrastructure, which according to the Chinese will cost @ least $500 billion to repair.

More foreign destruction of Syria’s (UNESCO) properties, towns, oil refineries and villages is unacceptable. Enough is enough. Russia has helped to stabilize the situation in Syria, however the same forces still seem to instructed to continue the hostile demolition process in Syria.

The first hing you have to ask is “why was almost half of the Syrian population displaced“? If you don’t answer that question, you can not answer the rest. The Syrian people were displaced for two reasons ; first of all, the terrorist acts and the support from the outside. Second, the U.S. embargo on Syria.

So, if you lift the embargo, and if you stop supporting the terrorists, most of the Syrian people can return to their country. Easy does it.

AA Magnum News 2017.


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