Syrian and Russian airstrikes launched @ rebel-held areas in Aleppo have been some of the heaviest raids carried out by the coalition, with reports of dozens being killed.

Also in ISIS stronghold Raqqa, the FSA (U.S. supported Free-Syrian-Army) commander Abu Layla was killed by a sniper. He was supposed to be in charge of a brigade in the Kurdish Democratic Forces when he was wounded by sniper fire on the outskirts of Manbij.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there had been 50 airstrikes on the old city parts of Aleppo, where terrorists wreak havoc against the Syrian citizens. Also an unidentified warplane crashed south of Aleppo where Islamist rebel fighters are battling the Syrian Army and Iranian backed forces.

The Syrian government issued a statement blaming Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for the latest surge in terrorist attacks and for hindering progress towards U.N.-backed political settlement by financing and training Takfiri’s to try to topple Assad.

The Syrian-Russian combination proves to award the peace process and force opposition movements to the negotiation table for talks instead of bloodshed.

IBT / AA edited News 2016.


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