Over 1 million Syrians have returned to their homes since the Russian liberation started in 2015. 

The Russian Reconciliation Center for  reported on Thursday that since the beginning of the Russian anti-terrorist aerial campaign in Syria two years ago, more than one million Syrian citizens have received the opportunity to get back to normal life in their motherland.

The Syrian settlement resulted in more than 232,000 refugees returning from abroad since September 2015, while 143,000 of them returned back to their own homes this year, according to the Center. Since the beginning of the year, 480,000 Syrians from camps for internally displaced people have settled in the territories liberated from terrorists.

Russian servicemen noted that terrorists left thousands of schools, hospitals and factories devastated and although Russian support is essential, the international community also has to consolidate its efforts.

However the US military has replaced the ISIS positions in Syria, which continues to endanger the peace process in the entire Middle East. Also the IDF keeps on launching airstrikes @ SAA positions, in order to derail the liberation of vast territories inside Syria.

Unfortunately Israel and the US-coalition still want to divide the landscape and replace Assad to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes committed against the Syrian people @ the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands.

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