The Curacao International Airport has offered TAP airlines to park and fuel its Airbus 320-200 three times per week on the Dutch Caribbean island. 

During the technical stop-over, passengers can’t disembark or embark the flight covering the route from Lisbon to Caracas. The TAP airbus can carry 261 passengers during its flight over the Atlantic.

Because fuel in Caracas is much cheaper, the airline must have another reason for making the stopover @ Curacao. The Portuguese flights between the South American continent and Europe are scheduled for three times per week.

TAP used to have passenger connections between Curacao and Lisbon, but the exclusive domain of the KLM was not to be shared with the Portuguese airliner at that point in time. Now only its crew stay’s over to rest and prepare themselves for the next voyage to Portugal.

CTB / AA Magnum Analyst News 2017.


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