Authorities are tearing apart the military records of the suspect, a hispanic U.S. Iraqi-war veteran, that killed 5 persons and wounded 8 other bystanders in the baggage claim area @ Terminal 2.

Law enforcement officials say the suspect Esteban Santiago was carrying military identification. He was apprehended and placed in federal custody. The suspect flew from Anchorage, Alaska to Fort Lauderdale via Minneapolis.

A woman, who says she works at a cruise line’s kiosk at the International Airport told ABC News she heard what she thought was fire crackers but turned out to be gunfire. She saw a gunmen walking up and down shooting people a dived behind the kiosk for safety.

The ex-Iraqi war veteran was having mental issues, and accused the U.S. secret services (CIA) of brainwashing him to join ISIS. He did not want to be recruited for the terrorist organization and decided to deploy a mission on his own, doing what he thought to do best. Ambushing enemy crowds and forcefully silencing the victims.

Most of the people he killed we arriving in Fort Lauderdale to go on a Caribbean Cruise Vacation to enjoy their voyage into the unknown, instead their families were left out in the dark, when their loved ones took their last breath on Earth.

Moments later and possibly in response to the deadly attack in Florida state, USA, a terrorist car bomber seemed to have killed at least 43 people near the Turkish border in Syria.

Miami Herald / AA Magnum News 2017.


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