What is going on with so many young American women these days? For untold millions of them, there will be no courtship, no marriage, no long-term relationship, no motherhood or single motherhood at best.

There will be only sex, sex, sex, the more extreme, the better. Through iPhone pick-up apps is how young men and women meet up these days, for purely sexual encounters. She is just being used as a sex object.

By the time she is 21, with her bloom and psychology destroyed, she’s unfit to ever have a serious relationship. Her behavior will be as predatory as that of the men that ravaged her. She is no exception, what is happening to many college girls is simply insane!

She has no paternal guidance and/or protection. She is programmed by feminist movements to scoff it, even if her father is around. Often her father will be part of part of the problem telling her “she’s so strong” and “she can do whatever she wants”.

Society is preparing your daughters for whore dom, not motherhood. She is encouraged to use her bloom “to get what she wants” instead of landing a good man, whose children she can raise. It is sad and it’s sick, and it’s sold as ’empowering’.

Clueless men laugh and say ‘cool more slots’ . Pure egoism ; they should be considering whether they would want to see their mothers, their sisters or their daughters in this position. Only, when they get burnt by these wenches, do they start to see the light.

Men have always faced the challenge of balances their lust for sex and their love for their woman folk. Men, knowing themselves, have always kept their daughters away from young studs. Young men are raised to expect a price for sex, marriage and taking care of the kids.

Nowadays, with birth control and incessant social engineering, sex became just another form of consumerism. It’s a major tenet of destruction of the West and it can only end in grief. It has become an epidemic.

Polished Experience / AA edited News 2016.


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