Hitler planned to build the largest beach resort ever created in 1930 for party members of The Third Reich in Prora.

The state operated leisure organization, KDF (Kraft durch Freude) became the world largest tourism operator in the 1930’s.

Plans to renovate the former vacation destiny for Nazi party members have sparked controversy in Germany. The 4.5 km long complex is located north of Berlin on the island of Rugen.

KDF intention was to bridge the class devide making middle class leisure activities available to the population. Having cruises with pasengers of mixed classes, regardless of social status draw lots for allocation of cabin.

The memory of WW II will somehow always haunt Germany and its residents. Germany offered tax benefits for the purchase of the historic real estate. Axel Bering from Denmark has become one of the main investors behind the Prora project at the Baltic Sea.

Renovation started in 2012 as the German economy thrives in Europe.

The Daily Beast / AA edited News 2015.


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