According to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA), tropical storm “Don” is preparing to dump ‘much needed’ rainfall onto the Dutch Caribbean ABC-Islands the upcoming days.

Don shows maximum sustained winds of 40 knots or 45 mph. The tropical weather system is now located @ 11.2N 53.8W in the Atlantic Ocean. The Tropical Storm moves West at 15 knots or 17 mph.

The tropical system is expected to hit the ABC-Islands on Wednesday afternoon and might continue to cause torrential rains until Thursday. People living along the coastal areas must prepare themselves for possible storm surges, however these will perform during low tide cycle, what makes the threat a little less serious.

The northwestern “Banda Abao” part of the tropical Curacao island can expect flooding after the torrential rains came down, while cruise ships avoid Curacao for the upcoming days and replace their destinies with visiting Puerto Rico and St.Maarten, due to high waves.

NOAA Hurricane Center / Crickey Curacao Conservation Society.


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