After months of US Military posturing and shows of force, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson reported in an interview with NPR, that direct talks with Pyongyang would be the only way to solve the political deadlock.

This attitude is a bit of a reversal from US Vice-President, Mike Pence’s statement just one week ago, that the USA would not consider talks with the North Koreans.

However, the shared goal of the USA and China of denuclearizing may be dead on arrival. Denuclearization is probably a non-starter for a dialogue. In 2003, the Bush administration engaged with “six-party” talks with North Korea, but when the time came for Pyongyang to implement the destruction of its nuclear capabilities, the North Korean’s backed out.

When one knows the history the massive targeting of North Korean civilians with so-called strategic bombing, its easier to understand the hate and distrust that Asian country. By the time the Korean War ended in 1953, American bombers had flown 21.000 sorties, dropping nearly 600.000 tons of bombs.

The American carpet bombing cost the lives of 3 million mostly civilians North Koreans by the time the war ended. After running low on urban targets, US bombers destroyed hydro-electric and irrigation dams in the latter stages of the war, flooding farmland & destroying crops to starve the rest of the population to death.

Over a period of 3-years, the Americans killed off 20% of the population during the Korean War. Also the US military and ROK were engaged in killing innumerable refugees and civilians throughout the horrible War. The mass killings by South Korean and US forces resulted in today’s position of Pyongyang.

At this point, the only way for the Americans to eliminate Kim’s defensive nuclear program, would be a large-scale, bloody military campaign in which North Koreans will do their best to hit US and South Korean forces with nuclear weapons.

The only deal North Korea might accept in order for them to freeze their nuclear development is in exchange for some sort of security guarantee, so the US and South Korea could suspend their hostile military sabotage on the Korean peninsula. By halting the military drills, the US could demonstrate that dialogue, not military oppression, represents the way forward instead.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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