US President, Donald Trump has asked Obama appointed surgeon general to resign and replaces him with Deputy Surgeon General, Sylvia Trend-Adams.

For Trump no good deed goes unpunished. Instead of applauding president Trump for elevating a female doctor to the post, leftists attacked Dr.Trend-Adams’ credentials, saying she just a black nurse.

Obviously, Trumps promotion of a black woman doesn’t fit the liberal media alternative that he is a racist misogynist. Meanwhile, the “tolerant, open-minded” liberals immediately trashed Trend-Adams as unqualified.

The misunderstanding started with ABC-News, which announced in a tweet “Dr. Vivek Murthy – a Obama appointee – resigns as Surgeon General, replaced by deputy Sylvia Trend-Adams, a nurse. Actually she is a nurse with Ph.D so you can call her “Doctor”.

Similarly, the New York Times – the so-called bastion of social justice activism – bleated in a snobby headline “Nurse replaces Surgeon General after Obama Appointee Resigns”. It is not until the last paragraph that the NYT mentions that Sylvia Trend-Adams had a Ph.D and was a nurse officer in the Army who had served as deputy surgeon general.

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