According to the US Media, US President Donald Trump has told several associates of a desire to have drug dealers in the country executed. The Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem — they just kill them.’”

Trump has mentioned the subject on a number of occasions, mulling the idea of bringing in a mandatory death penalty for drug dealers, news website Axios reported last month.

Trump considers drug traffickers to be as bad as serial killers and would “love to have a law” that executes dealers in the USA. However, Trump has privately acknowledged that it would be near impossible to pass a law requiring a mandatory death sentence for drug dealers in the USA.

The report said the president believed a softer approach to addressing the US drug crisis would never work and seemed to admire the drug policy of Singapore, where drug trafficking carries a mandatory death sentence.

USA Opioid Epidemic has cost taxpayer $1 Trillion since 2001

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor, responded to the report, saying the president was focusing only on high-volume drug dealers, especially those trafficking the opioid fentanyl.

“The president makes a distinction between those that are languishing in prison for low-level drug offenses and the kingpins hauling thousands of lethal doses of fentanyl into communities, that are responsible for many casualties in a single weekend.

Trump declared the country’s drug crisis a “public health emergency.” He also announced an advertising campaign to combat the epidemic, but did not direct any new federal funding toward the effort yet.

US government and health care officials have been struggling to stem the epidemic of overdoses, which killed more than 64,000 Americans in 2016 alone, which adds up to a 23% increase.

It is estimated 64 thousand Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016. However, the sharpest increase was for synthetic opioid users at 20.000 overdose deaths.

Therefore it makes sense that the CEO’s of the large drug companies also face the gallows along with the likes of all the Escobar (CIA/DEA) wannabes. For good measure, why not execute the gun manufactures at the same time, as there are also 33k annual deaths from gunshot wounds.

Opioid drug abuse has killed more Americans than the US wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

ABC / Press TV 2018.


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