Six years after an uprising ousted Zine El Abidine Ben Ali as part of the Arab Spring revolt, Tunisia is praised as a model of transition by the Western media, but the North African country is still struggling to address demands for jobs to improve life-quality for its citizens.

Tunisian protesters, that are demanding for jobs and a share in energy wealth, have closed down another oil pumping station in defiance of governments efforts to protect oil- and gas fields with military troops to defend the interests of the French oil company, Perenco.

Tunisia is only a small oil producer with an output of about 44.000 barrels per day nationwide. But weeks of protests are putting pressure on PM, Youssef Chahed @ a time his puppet government seeks to undertake key economic and austerity reforms demanded by international banking cartels.

The Tunisian army is not protecting the energy facilities in southern Tataouine and Kebeli provinces, including the state-run phosphate operations, which is another key source of government revenue, that have been targeted by public protests.

After troops fired into the air to disperse a crowd on Saturday, they reached a deal to avoid clashes and allowed an engineer to close the Vana pumping station in Tataouine, where Italy’s ENI and Austria’s OMV operate. OMV removed 700 workers as a precaution, while the Canada-based Serinus Energy closed its oil field.

The Arabian Spring revolution has caused millions of Muslim to be displaced and deported from their villages and towns in order to guarantee the income for the greedy Western oil companies.

The economies and infrastructures of Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Nigeria have been totally destroyed by the UN & NATO’s military operations, or their covert terrorists brigades called ISIS and Bolo Haram.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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