Turkey has vetoed NATO’s cooperation with Austria, in a move which has blocked the military alliance’s partnership with 41 member regimes.

Austria is not a NATO member, but has 400 troops stationed in Kosovo, to support the military occupation of the Balkan nation. Now, Turkey is angry with Austria for trying to block its bid to join the EU.

Turkey has the second largest military in NATO, after the USA. Austria has condemned the Turkish actioncalling it irresponsible. The heightened tensions between Turkey and Austria had essentially blocked NATO co-operation with the government in Vienna for the past year.

The Turkish veto originally affected all the Western alliance’s partnership activities, which include several ex-Warsaw Pact states. NATO is now working on a procedural reform to change the system in order to work around the diplomatic spat.

However, Turkey is expected to maintain its veto on Austria’s involvement in NATO’s military operations. After offering shelter to millions of NATO’s war refugees, Turkey is now being accused of endangering the security interests of Europe?

The blockade has a long-term effect on the so-called peace missions in the Western Balkan’s.

BBC / AA Magnum News 2017.


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