In June, Ankara announced that it had finished building a 700 km long wall running along most of its 828 km with Syria. Turkey has unilaterally moved the border fence deeper into Syrian territory violating Syria’s sovereignty.

The 2-meter-wide, 3-meter-long high barb-wired barrier was built out of portable cement blocks and is aimed @ boosting Turkish security by keeping out smugglers and stopping infiltration by Kurdish freedom fighters.

Turkey claims that the PKK is involved in an ongoing conflict with the government, and has bases and camps on the Syrian side of the border. The new border wall is completed with an integrated security system with sophisticated lightning, sensors and security cameras.

Turkish troops, tanks and combat aircraft first crossed into Syria on August 24, 2016. According to the government in Ankara, the offensive called “Operation Euphrates Shield” was launched to suppress Kurdish people and move them away from the Turkish border.

Damascus has been adamantly against the Turkish-American invasion from the beginning, pointing to it as a complete violation of Syria’s territorial integrity. Last week, Turkey declared Operation Euphrates Shield over, but warned that similar operations are likely to continue on Syrian soil under different names if Turkey’s security is endangered.

Ankara’s claims that its NATO-based military activities in Syria have ended contradict the reality on the ground. However, Syria warned that it has legitimate reason to repel Turkey’s aggression by any means if actions in northern Syria do not cease. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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