Along with a military base in al-Tanf, the USA has now 11 bases in Syria. The angle the US media is centering on is how upset the U.S. is with Turkey for publishing American state secrets. 

The Pentagon has asked US outlets not to reprint the information published by the Turkish media, and claimed doing so would endanger the lives of US soldiers. American soldiers are endangered by sending them to Syria. The Americans now have 5 military bases, west of the Euphrates, 5 east of the major water source and 1 base, close to the border with Jordan.

The US presence in Syria is in violation of international law. Military leaders and officials responsible for sending these troops to Syria should be court martialed and arrested. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you let civilians run the show.

The US top brass is so corrupt and entangled with the arms industry and bankster cartels that they hardly still qualify as military. Civilians military dressed up as mobster hitman is probably closer to the truth.zfor more than 50 years, the US military has been nothing else but underpaid mercenaries for the Rothschild’s, using citizens tax money to milk and pay for their war crimes.

For Turkey revealing the extent for increased US support for Kurdish YPG militia serves to mobilize its public against the USA war machine. Erdogan still remembers how the Americans tried to oust him during a failed coup attempt last year. This coup was part of the plan to cover up the US/NATO military support for ISIS. Blowing the cover of the Americans is just a cherry on top.

Russia Insider / AA Magnum News 2017


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